MY DAY: Mundane Monday

I can’t say whether or not it was a good Monday, or a bad Monday, because it was neither. It was simply a mundane Monday. Grant it, there were a number of things that actually made a good Monday, but the day moved along in an ordinary fashion.

My endocrinologist wants me to consider a new drug to combat my diabetes which is still being investigated by the FDA. It is called exenatide. This particular drug stimulates the pancreas to increase insulin. A very small titanium disc which is about one and three-quarter inches long, and an eighth of an inch wide, would be inserted under the skin of my abdomen. Despite the invasive nature of this particular treatment, I am strongly considering it. Not only does it from the pancreas to increase The insulin, it also slows down the stomach’s process, thus decreasing appetite. I rather like this part of it.

I have a number of friends traveling across Europe, with quite a few actually in the British Isles. Another friend is enjoying a vacation in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. I am enjoying everyone’s vacations through photographs posted on Facebook. My friend, Jeff Carter, is one of the best about documenting his voyages which to take him to all parts of our country, as well as all parts of the world. I live vicariously through Jeffrey’s numerous travels. I just read through a wonderful email from a friend describing the beauty of the area in which he is staying. I now have several places added to my ever-growing list of potential future vacation destinations. It seems as though most of my travel desires lead to the Eastern side of our country, especially where sites connected to the American history are involved. However, I am now eager to investigate some of our Northern territory.

Navi and Chief did not get their evening walk. After working from my desk for several hours after teaching, I moved to the guest bedroom to take a 30 minute nap at 10 o’clock. I do not recall hearing the alarm on my iPhone, and slept until midnight. The kids were let out in the back, and I took Flyer out to the front. The past two days the old girl has grown seemingly weaker, and still refuses to eat any food I set before her. She will take a few pieces of ham throughout the day, that is about it. I did buy some chewy treats which she seems to like. However, she is very hesitant about eating anything. Thankfully, she continues to drink a lot of water.

Tomorrow is a terribly long teaching day. I fear that my nap will prohibit me from a full, restful nights sleep.

From DLJH’s iPhone
“Make it a great day!”

About Wright Flyer Guy

Darin is a single adoptive father, a teacher, playwright, and musical theatre director from Kettering, Ohio.
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