MY DAY: Reflections

My day got off to a much later start than to what I am accustomed. By 8:30 AM with Navi and Chief still sound asleep, I began stirring. The additional sleep did feel refreshing, but he had a sense of wasting my day.

There really wasn’t much to my day, but I do feel accomplished. I spent a good two hours cleaning out the attic and portions of the basement, and took a van load of items to Goodwill. I love the emotional liberation that comes with cleaning out accumulated items that are no longer necessary.

While shopping at Kroger, I ran into the mother of a former student, Barb O’Neill. We had a great little chat, and even took a picture to send her daughter, Katie, now living in New York City.

The afternoon and evening were spent getting ready for the next three days of solid teaching. I have several friends touring the British Isles, and another friend vacationing on Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. I’ve been enjoying their photographs posted on Facebook, and reading some of their blog entries.

I took the kids on our evening stroll, but found myself detained by the fountains in Lincoln Park. For some reason, I just felt compelled to sit listening to the water splashing about while reflecting on life, and the future. The kids were actually patient, and laid down to watch the lights and the water. We ventured around the big pond, and through the wooded area before returning to the fountains again.

As this evening winds down I find myself engaged in some very meaningful emails with a dear friend. It’s funny how certain paths cross, Yet so comforting, and reassuring.

My reflection on this day? Life is good.

About Wright Flyer Guy

Darin is a single adoptive father, a teacher, playwright, and musical theatre director from Kettering, Ohio.
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