MY DAY: Fancy free & Footloose

The week did not feel exceptionally long, although Flyer’s most recent dip in health did add a good deal of worry to the entire week. The old girl seems to have bounced back, but still seems a tad bit weakened.

The teaching week ran smoothly, and I began my four days off by meeting Lea Loree for coffee at Bagel Café on Thursday morning. Thursday evening Suzanne Grote and I had dinner together. This morning, I met retired music teacher – who has never really retired – Raymonde Rougier at Awesome Yogurt. Shortly after that meeting, Sue Branson stopped by to see Flyer. At 7 PM I was on my way to Springfield Ohio to see the musical, Footloose, with director friends Suzanne Grote and Becky Brunsman.

I honestly don’t know what the next two days hold. I would love to be able to settle down to some writing, but there are numerous yard items that need completed, and the inside of the house could stand some attention.

It is so delightful that several of my friends are sharing their European trip photographs on Facebook. Jeff Carter is exploring Great Britain, while Ashley and Emily Webb are enjoying their time in Ireland. They seem to be having a great time, and are sharing some absolutely beautiful pictures of their travels.

One day, I will be sharing pictures of European vacations.

From DLJH’s iPhone
“Make it a great day!”

About Wright Flyer Guy

Darin is a single adoptive father, a teacher, playwright, and musical theatre director from Kettering, Ohio.
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