MY DAY: Flyer – Long Live The Queen

Wednesday night, Flyer seemed to have a little more pep, but still not much. I let her lick off of my salad plate when I finished eating, and added water so that she would drink. And she did.

The Kids and I slept upstairs, and the first thing Chief did when we hit the main floor a few minutes ago was to race ahead to my study to check on Flyer. I heard this peculiar noise from him. It wasn’t really a cry, but it was just a strange sound. I immediately thought the worst. When I got into my study there was no Flyer; she had moved to the guest bedroom.

When I entered the room she still seemed weak, but her tail was wagging a lot.

She went outside with the kids to potty, and though she moved a good deal slower than in past weeks, she found her way around the yard and up the steps with ease. While The Kids continued to explore the backyard, I tried to coax Flyer to eat. She turned her nose up at the food I laid down in front of her, but she did go over to the water tank and drink quite a bit from it. That was a huge relief for me.

Several times she has come over to where I am sitting in my study just to nudge my leg, and to get some head scratches and some petting in. What has been neat to see, is when she approaches me, Chief, who is usually laying at my feet, gets up to allow her easier access to me. I am loving this dog more and more each day. He seems to be gathering all the wonderful qualities of Flyer – I think he is going to become an incredible dog, and perhaps rise to the occasion even more once Flyer is gone. I think he completely gets the pecking order around here, and is just biding his time as the heir apparent.

I guess it’s not that much different than the royal family of Great Britain. I know we’re still excited to be saying, “long live the queen [Flyer].”

Will continue to keep you posted.

From DLJH’s iPhone
“Make it a great day!”

About Wright Flyer Guy

Darin is a single adoptive father, a teacher, playwright, and musical theatre director from Kettering, Ohio.
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