Midnight meeting

A full, wonderful day of teaching.  Two new students today, two new ones for Wednesday, and one new student for Thursday.

DSC06374Around one o’clock this afternoon, Flyer indicated that she wanted to join me for my nap.  Rarely has she wanted to join me up on my bed since becoming blind two years ago.  We snuggled for an hour.  The vet said her wanting to snuggle more, and seeming a little more needy with me is probably an indication of her way of bidding me farewell. And we do spend a good deal of time snuggling, hugging, and just being pals.

DSC06373Flyer and I often meet my first afternoon student, Sue Branson, out front, regardless the weather.  Today, while waiting to greet Sue, Flyer and I explored the front yard.  Though a little feeble, Flyer does enjoy her sniff-fests, and spending time out front, unleashed.  The hostas and Mary Lincoln day lilies are moving up from the ground, and I am eager to observe their beauty this season.

After supper, Quintin and I laughed at several episodes of THE GOLDEN GIRLS before he retreated upstairs at 9:30pm to play guitar.  The guitar stopped wafting down to my room around 11:30pm, and then the snare drum kicked in.  I could ask that he use a practice pad, but my saxophone and piano do not have practice pads to diminish the sound.  After all, the snare drum is music, too, and that’s what The Haasienda is all about.

By 12:30am we met up in the kitchen for a midnight snack, accompanied by three eager beasts.  Amazing how Flyer, who is in the process of fading away, rises to the occasion of the ever healthy dog when food is involved!  Chief put on his pouty-face when Navi intercepted a piece of pizza crust Quintin tossed to him.

I do love these kitchen gatherings.  Since adopting sons, these late night meetings in the kitchen have always been an impromptu time of laughter, and catching up on anything else from earlier in the day, and forecasting the new day.  This is one of my favorite family rituals.

Quintin has returned up to finish out his evening with more guitar playing, and I shall finish the one episode of MERLIN I began a little earlier.

It is almost 1:30am, and my internal clock awakens me at 5:30am each morning, regardless what time I pull into slumber mode.  Four hours of sleep, and an early afternoon nap seem to provide me the energy required to make it through my day.

Photos of Flyer – April 23, 2013

About Wright Flyer Guy

Darin is a single adoptive father, a teacher, playwright, and musical theatre director from Kettering, Ohio.
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