Flyer: Status Update


Monday, April 15:

  • Noticing Flyer is losing weight.
  • Has a healthy appetite and drinks a lot of water; has been enjoying the nicer weather and exploring the back yard more. 

Tuesday, April 16:

  • Flyer seems to be sleeping more, except when I am eating – she is right there.
  • Spent a few minutes in the front yard with Sue Branson, and Flyer was rolling in the grass and enjoying her sniff-fest.
  • Difficulty getting up steps.
  • Added an additional glucosamine treat to her regular two a day.

Thursday, April 18:

  • Seems a bit agitated, but still cheerful and loving.  
  • More difficulty getting up and down the steps.  
  • A few times she seems disoriented.
  • Still has a healthy appetite.
  • Had a seizure; disoriented afterward and desperately tried to get into food bin.
  • Gave her a glucosamine treat.

Friday, April 19:

  • Dropped insulin from 8cc’s to 5cc’s.
  • Incontinence episodes.
  • Appetite and drinking still healthy.
  • 2:30am (Saturday morning) seizure.

Saturday, April 20:

  • Looking thinner.  
  • Did not give her insulin shot at breakfast.
  • Seizures at 11:15am, 2:30pm, 6:20pm and sometime between 7:00pm – 10:00pm.
  • Was energetic to hop into bathtub for a bath; hopped back in when it was Navi’s turn and wanted an additional bath!  
  • Several incontinence episodes.
  • Showing more signs of difficulty moving and disorientation.
  • Sleeping even more.
  • Not as responsive as she normally is.
  • Shape of her face seems to be changing – much like Logan’s did when she began the dying process.

Sunday, April 21:

  • Listless and barely able to move.  
  • Seems distant and extremely disoriented.
  • Doesn’t always respond to my voice which is very rare.
  • Rallies when she hears the lid on the glass jar where I keep her treats. 3cc’s of insulin at breakfast.
  • Ate breakfast and drank water, but did not come in to sit by me when I ate breakfast.
  • Sometimes will stop in middle of a room and just stare.
  • Vet friend said her symptoms seemed like renal failure; keep making her comfortable and hydrated; we discussed that if her kidneys shut down she should probably need to be put down to ease discomfort. Symptoms:
    • blood shot eyes on the whites
    • barely able to move
    • incontinence issues
    • not interested in chew toys or wagging tail
    • seems depressed
    • sleeping more
    • seizures
  • Flyer does not seem to be in any discomfort.  
  • She wanted up in bed with me for a while – rare. We snuggled and Chief stayed right by her side.
  • We walked over to the high school lawn and she seemed a bit rejuvenated. Seemed disoriented at times, and had great difficulty moving up and down steps.
  • Gave her some chicken; it stayed down for about an hour or so.
  • Several times when outside she urinated a number of times.
  • Very unresponsive and doesn’t seem to recognize me; no tail wagging.
  • Rallied with energy when some friends came to see her, but everyone agreed she is failing rather fast.
  • Took family pictures on front porch.
  • Flyer ate all her supper and got 5cc’s of insulin. Kept food down.
  • Spent about 30 minutes on high school lawn; tons of sniffing and walking around. Seemed more perky when we returned inside at 8:00pm.
  • While I was cooking supper she was right there in the kitchen – tail wagging, eyes wide and alert, and waiting for anything to drop to the floor. When I peeled off the frozen lasagna wrapper, Flyer rooted through the waste basket, pulled it out and licked it clean. Was very attentive while Quintin and I ate supper.
  • Pottied outside several times, but still had difficulty maneuvering steps; very hesitant about coming out front door.
  • Finally climbed up in her chair to sleep – which she had not done for several days.  
  • I spent several hours researching meals for dogs with kidney failure and came up with some good ideas.

Monday, April 22:

  • I woke at 5:00am to find Flyer on the floor; responded with tail wags to my voice.
  • By 6:45am she was checking the kitchen to see if it was breakfast time.
  • I prepared her regular rice/chicken (what she’s eaten since she almost died from pancreatitis in August 2010), added a hard boiled egg, a half teaspoon of crushed egg shell, a teaspoon size of banana; gobbled it down.
  • At 9:05am is still laying at my feet in my study as I type.  
  • She seems very perky; still disoriented and walking into walls and doors which had not been happening before.
  • Flyer and I spent some time outside in front; runs into a lot things – more than she previously did; steps are a challenge, still.
  • Was alert with students in the evening and loved the attention.
  • Was not barking when most students entered.
  • During supper she was in her spot with tail wagging.
  • Hopped up in her chair and slept there most of the night.

Tuesday, April 23:

  • A little more listless, and was refusing to drink water.  I put her breakfast in a larger bowl, and filled it with luke-warm water – finished it.
  • Took some air out in front – still shaky.
  • Still wagging her tail and loving my attention.
  • 9:45am – refused water; crushed her favorite treat and put it in a bowl of water; since it settled to the bottom she had to drink the bowl of water to get her treat.
  • Rest of the day Flyer seemed to be more of her self.
  • Still need to coax her into drinking water via meals or treats in water.
  • Was very energetic last night during supper.

Wednesday, April 24:

  • There seems to be marked improvement with the Old Girl today.
  • She does not miss her meals.
  • I got her some low sodium ham (with less protein than the turkey or chicken); meals made up for the next week or so.
  • Still not gauging her steps and running into walls, etc..  Navigating the steps with former ease, though.
  • I love seeing the tail wag!!!

 Thursday, April 25


  • There’s really nothing new to report.  Flyer seems to be the Flyer I’ve known and loved all along.  She is still running into things more, but other than that, she seems restored to what she was a week ago today before the decline kicked in fully.
  • We are all so grateful for the many words of support, and kindness, cheering the Old Girl on this past week.
  • I probably won’t report anything further since there is little to mention.


About Wright Flyer Guy

Darin is a single adoptive father, a teacher, playwright, and musical theatre director from Kettering, Ohio.
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  1. Terri Morrison says:

    beautiful, angel baby…

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