Refreshing rain showers…

It is 8:40 on the last evening of May, and the long, extraordinarily fun-filled weekend has come to a close.

From last Friday evening until an hour ago, Jose and I have been non-stop, and how wonderful it has been! Though I am short on sleep, I feel refreshed, not drained.

I had anticipated making this day one of absolute quiet, and not leaving the house; however, we received an invitation to the Lockhart home for a 4:00pm cookout. With schedules running crazy, I have not seen Valerie for several months, and Mike has been only a few “hello’s” when he has arrived to pick up Sophie from a lesson. Jackson picked up Sophie this past Friday so I was finally able to see him.

We had the best time, as always, and after a delicious dinner, we sat on the patio chatting. Eventually, a water-fight broke out with the teenagers, and the three adults survived with nary a drop!

We returned home, and I decided to water the plants since the skies were clear, and beautiful. We had threats of thunderstorms for this day, but the skies indicated nothing. Not more than fifteen minutes of watering the plants, the wind picked up and the skies clouded over… and the deluge began.

Jose was in the basement and called down to see if he would like to walk to Speedway for a slushie. He bounded up the stairs, and saw the heavy shower.

He laughingly turned to me, saying, “You’re such a dick!”

Thus ends the weekend, and begins the first official day of summer!

About Wright Flyer Guy

Darin is a single adoptive father, a teacher, playwright, and musical theatre director from Kettering, Ohio.
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