“Shut up!”

At 5:45 AM, I roared those words out the window beside my bed that looks out toward the high school’s parking lot. The two females, talking loudly to one another as they jogged or walked, did shut up. I am all for maintaining physical healthiness, but I also applaud a healthy sense of being aware of one’s surroundings and courtesy.

I am sure this morning’s opening paragraph makes folks wonder if I am in a grumpy mood. No, not yet anyway. LOL.

Yesterday afternoon, I began feeling my body grind. I was physically tired, and something didn’t feel right. My studio manager asked if she could try to reduce the end of Sunday’s schedule since Monday and Tuesday have openings due to concerts, school trips to Washington, DC, and school awards nights. Rita got to work, and I finished teaching by 8:15 PM. I ate my Chinese meal that my student, Patrick, picked up from Young Chow en route to his lesson, and by 8:45 PM, I was climbing into bed. I figured I would need to rise at 11 PM to let the dogs out one last time, but I slept through the night, and none of FabFive alerted me that they needed to potty. Only at 5:45 AM did I wake to the sound of those dratted women talking loudly.

Today, I am refreshed but due to a band of rain traveling through the Miami Valley, I am feeling achy.

When the doctor first put me on Lisinopril in 2008, I began experiencing coughing. They were dry coughs and I learned it was a side affect. However, when I stopped taking the medication in 2018, the dry cough continued. Last night, I learned that coughing, and additional sinus drainage with post nasal drip are also strongly connected with MS. More pieces of the puzzle coming together to make sense of my medical history.

We are now halfway through May. While April seemed to drag, May is rushing by.

It is time to get ready for my day and I am excited to get it moving.

Make it a great day!

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Darin is a single adoptive father, a teacher, playwright, and musical theatre director from Kettering, Ohio.
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