MAKE IT A GREAT DAY: Friday FunDay at Home

It’s been a relaxing, educational day, thus far, with reading and documentaries. I’ve spent most of the day on the deck despite the morning offering a breezy coolness. At 1 PM it’s still breezy but the deck remains cool due to the enormous shade provided by the tree that grows through the deck’s rail on the southwestern corner.

The FabFive have enjoyed their deck time, today. They’ve mostly lounged about the deck but Col. Deeds has led the three girls in lots of yard-play. They chase one another, hide behind bushes, and roll in the grass. Chief, no longer able to join in the romping about, lays at the top of the deck’s steps watching the fun.

Deeds is especially loving the large backyard for racing and flying over the two-feet high sidewalk border fence. He’s enjoyed trying to capture the playful Robin redbreast that will land and wait until The Colonel gets near before flying off, and Deeds has discovered his shadow and seems to have great fun on his attempt to catch it.

Thursday, I joined the family of Bob Green who hosted a memorial gathering luncheon at The Meadowlark Restaurant. Bob’s wife, my dear friend, Betty, was the maternal aunt of my best friend, Susan Cook, who passed away in September 2012. In 1991, I got to know Betty & Bob Green, their daughters, Kim and Jill, Susan’s maternal grandparents, and her dad, Woody.

Susan and I thought it was ironic that we each had uncles named Bob, and aunts named Betty Green (mine is Betty Green Barmes) and both of our Aunt Bettys were terrific artists. We also had Kims and Jills as cousins. Susan was also close to my own Hoosier family. We spent a good deal of our meals at La Piñata in Centerville after we finished teaching lessons at McCutcheon Music, often joined by Debbie McCutcheon.

I immediately felt like a part of Susan’s family when I first met them 32 years ago and have loved them ever since. It was great to see Betty, Kim, Jill, Jeff (Jill’s husband), and Jill’s son Steven who I’ve not seen since he was about ten years old.

While I was away from home for the luncheon, i decided to recreate several previous attempts of allowing Deeds to remain out of his crate with the others. So far, it’s been a success with no potty breaks inside the house or anything destroyed. I returned home to find the end of a cord chewed off a heater, a dog bed unstuffed, and the loose-weaved lining from beneath my box springs all ripped out. Later, I went to a dinner up north of Dayton and returned home to nothing destroyed.



Make it a great day!

PHOTO: a photo with Betty Green; photos of the pooches relaxing.

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