It’s not an actual “fun day” with adventures with my camera, but I stepped onto No. 17 at 7:23 AM to grab some breakfast at a buffet and then I will hopefully grab a few things at Walmart.

Thursday, I had completed walking to Speedway to fill the gas canister, mowing the front and back yards, trimming both yards, tidied up the kitchen, and completed a load of laundry.

I laid down at 2:30 PM with the intention of napping until 3:15 PM so I could feed the dogs and get ready for house management duties at The Victoria Theatre for an Irish dance troupe from Oklahoma. I was awakes by the doorbell and knocking. I got to the door to find a high school student holding Harrigan. He said Bailey was down at the other end of the school’s north parking lot entrance. Ugh. The school buses were pulling out as I walked to the west. The traffic guard said Bailey was being held at the Delaine Drive entrance and radioed the person holding her. Thanks to Mr. White, Bailey was safe and eager to see me.

After locating where The Sisters had escaped, I repaired it the best I could with my skills.

I got to The Victoria Theatre and had a lot of fun with the fellow head managers. It was quite an event-filled evening and managed quite easily.

This morning, after feeding the dogs, I propped the back door open. At 7 AM, four of the five dogs were in my bedroom. Harrigan was missing! I searched for her and then dressed to head out with the leash. I scoured the area along Rockhill Avenue and the high school’s parking lot and there was no sign of her. Back at home, I went on a more thorough s check and Harrigan under my bed!

So, here it is, Friday morning. I’m a bit stiff from the yard work but intend to have a relaxing breakfast. I may even hop off the bus on Main Street near Miami Valley Hospital to take a shirt still through Woodland Cemetery.

Make it a great day!

PHOTOS: Irises from my Pati Rogers Collection.

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Darin is a single adoptive father, a teacher, playwright, and musical theatre director from Kettering, Ohio.
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