I am not a fan of FROZEN, but seeing all the children arrive at The Schuster Performing Arts Center, last night, made me a fan of the magnetism the musical holds. As I crossed Second Street, patrons were pouring out the doors following the matinée, and Anas and Elsas could be seen in the span between Ludlow and Main streets.

It was adorable!

Inside the lobby, there were even more adorables at the souvenir stands, the photography booth, and posing everywhere throughout the entrance area for photos with their stuffed snowmen and other purchases. The Disney magic, or money machine, was on full display. Still, it was heartwarming for me to see the magic of the performing arts, regardless of the vehicle, pulling in so many young folks.

For the 7:30 PM, many patrons joined us on the fourth-level balcony for the pre-show discussion which I got to hear. It was quite interesting. Once again, miniature off-stage Anas and Elsas eagerly arrived with their parents. Many adults were also adorned in FROZEN attire. One family boasted a papa wearing lederhosen. Although he looked as though he would be much happier watching a football game while holding a beer, I applauded the gentleman for making a splendid contribution to his children’s memories.

Intermission begins right after the show’s signature number, “Let It Go,” and seeing the wide eyes, astonished looks, and smiles was worth my long day that began at 6 AM with me getting out of bed and walking back through the door at 11:53 PM.

By 12:15 AM, I was sliding beneath the covers with Harrigan, Bailey, and Col. Deeds snuggled tightly next to me. I only recall waking once, fearing the clock would read 5 AM, but it was only 2:30 AM.

A true Spring morning has greeted my little corner of the world and at 6:45 AM, it is currently 43 degrees, and by 2 PM we shall hopefully see 72 degrees. I am hoping to purchase and install my flowers this coming Monday from Fairmont Industries, next door, an educational program that supports camps and other great activities for those in Special Needs classes.

And with that, it is time to begin my day on Cinco de Mayo, so ¡Que sea un gran día! (Make it a great day!)

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Darin is a single adoptive father, a teacher, playwright, and musical theatre director from Kettering, Ohio.
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