MAKE IT A GREAT DAY: Monday, April 10th

At 6:30 AM, it is still dark and the earth is starting the process of warming up from its current 41 degrees to the upper 60s.

My body seems to comply with the day’s demands and not aching from yesterday’s extreme adult sports of deep cleaning the carpet and rugs, and mowing the yard. But, the day is young, and I may begin finding the aching on Tuesday.

I have been doing something for my own amusement: when I return from being out, I step onto the porch and connect to the hallway’s blue tooth speaker. My music automatically starts and this alerts the dogs that I am home. It’s a riot hearing them rev up my barking fanfare!

My dear friend, and partner, Rick, has been gone from this earth for thirty-three years, today. We met at Smith-Wallbridge Drum-Major Camp, Syracuse, Indiana, in July 1979. Some days, it feels like it was only yesterday, while others feel like an eternity.

It’s time to start my day, getting a few things done before showering.

Make it a great day!

About Wright Flyer Guy

Darin is a single adoptive father, a teacher, playwright, and musical theatre director from Kettering, Ohio.
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