MY DAY: Sunshine & Sousa

It was a gorgeous day. I spent some time on the deck while The Fab Five played. Deeds could not decide with whom to play with the most. He darted between the other four and had a marvelous time. Chief, who is showing his age and infirmities, does not play, but he does seem to enjoy Deeds’ company.

I did manage to clean the kitchen and get a load of dishes into the dish washer, but, I relaxed until it was time to teach.

Rita adjusted my schedule so I could go next door to hear the Sinclair Community College concert band and wind symphony. What a damned good concert!  Michael Berning, Fairmont High School’s lead conductor, is now conducting the SCC bands and the program was so nice. Vocalist and teacher, Stephanie Voelker, was featured on Eric Whitacre’s “Goodnight Moon,” and Frank Ticheli’s, “Angels in the Architecture.” Stephanie was brilliant!

I learned that my aunt, Jenny Jolliff, has had a stroke. My cousin, Sam, wrote that she is doing fine, but there will be more tests run.

It’s a quarter past ten and I am already feeling inclined to move to the bedroom to watch some documentaries.

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Darin is a single adoptive father, a teacher, playwright, and musical theatre director from Kettering, Ohio.
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