MY DAY: Sunday is over…

There were many hard working students, today, and I am both proud and grateful for all their fine efforts.

Tomorrow, before teaching a class on Zoom for a friend on sabbatical, I am hoping to run to one of the Goodwill stores to find some jeans and slacks with smaller waist sizes. All my pants are now too wide and I’m down to my last belt holes.

Earlier today, I took to my bed to relax and was joined by Bailey on my pillow while Harrigan and Deeds snuggled at the foot of the bed. I must say, I am so astonished and thrilled with how Harrigan has really stepped up to the plate to accept Deeds. I would never have guessed her to be so loving with him. Col. Deeds seems to adore her.

When I’m at the piano, Deeds loves to sleep near my feet. I always have to check to make certain he’s not on the foot pedals.

Okay, I am heading to bed. I’m not feeling up to par and have no energy or desire to work any further into the night. All is quiet on The Haasienda front; the Fab Five is sound asleep and motionless.

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Darin is a single adoptive father, a teacher, playwright, and musical theatre director from Kettering, Ohio.
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