MAKE IT A GREAT DAY: Erma’s previous owner reaches out

The big topic on social media is the impending snowstorm arriving in The Miami Valley within the next twenty-four hours. It really won’t impact me for travel purposes, except maybe Thursday morning when I take Mama Kay to the hospital, but I am betting things will be back to normal on the roads. I am, however, grateful that I will see my OMEA soloists by the end of this evening so that doesn’t impact their in-person lessons as it did with Sunday’s crew.

Yesterday morning, I received the neatest surprise. I got a note from Erma’s previous owner. I had specifically given SICSA permission to share my contact information should the lady wish to keep watch over Erma. The following day, I sent my contact information to SICSA and included my blog site address with a plea to please share my information. I knew the lady was in a place where surrendering Erma was her only option, and I respect that. It was so nice to hear from her and to learn about my girl when I didn’t have her in my life. This lady was the second owner for six to eight years, and Erma’s original name was “Smoothie.” The lady didn’t like the name and renamed her, “Precious.” I would say Erma has been a great sport accepting her names.

It is time to shower and get ready for Mama Kay to return from Noon Mass so we can grab Taco Tuesday. It will be the first reunion of our regular Taco Tuesday gang in several weeks and I am eager to see everyone and enjoy some Mexican food.

Make it a great day!

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