MAKE IT A GREAT DAY: Saturday with The Quartet

In thirty minutes, I will meet Mama Kay for post-Mass dinner, and I am still contemplating a return to The Schuster Center tonight for the Sondheim tribute with the Dayton Philharmonic Orchestra and some incredible performing artists from Wright State University. It is unlikely it will happen, but I am still considering it.

It’s been a productive day but I feel unaccomplished. I have attended to a few household tasks and dallied in some research but nothing I consider to be major strides.

The Sisters, Bailey and Harrigan, are different than most dogs. At nine years, they’re still hyper and filled with tons of energy. I think they remain trim due to all the wiggling they do, especially Bailey. While they are devoted to one another, they are terribly territorial when it comes to me. If one is snuggling with me and the other approaches, there is growling and even the snarling of teeth. Bailey sleeps on my pillow with me or wedged into my chest. Harrigan stays at my knees or feet. However, if one moves, the other’s head pops up like the periscope of a submarine on a mission.

When they return from pottying, all four dogs go to their positions and sit without fail. I don’t make Chief sit for his treat as his hind legs are giving the old boy trouble. Bailey is generally the last to sit. When I remind her to “sit,” Erma, who has been seated from the start, slams her butt against the floor so that I am assured she is sitting.

There are days when I laugh a lot at their antics. Each has a unique personality and that allows me and each pooch to have a different relationship than the other three. It really is a great deal of fun.

However, they are all seniors and moving in on fourteen, thirteen, nine, and nine years. I know there will be that day…

It is time to start watching for Mama Kay to pull into her driveway so we can head out to eat.

Continue making it a great day!

PHOTOS: A) Bailey woke up close to 3 AM and as she sat up, the one cover was still on her head. She stood like this for the longest time. B) The others.

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Darin is a single adoptive father, a teacher, playwright, and musical theatre director from Kettering, Ohio.
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