MY DAY: A kaleidoscope kind of day

What a kaleidoscope day of events and experiences!

Mama Kay surprised me with a drive toward the Dayton Mall and lunch at O’Charley’s restaurant. I enjoyed a sirloin steak, baked potato, and loaded potato soup. I love it when others join us for meals, but every now and then, it’s nice to have Mama Kay all to myself because our conversations are freer and it’s very much like a mother-son chat.

We exited O’Charley’s and by the time we headed to Sam’s Club for gas, the temperature had dropped, tumultuous dark clouds were rolling through, and the wind was quite strong.

After the dogs ate, I sat at my computer to write for the next hour. By 4 PM, the sky was black and the rain began. At 4:30 PM, everything went dark inside. I have lived on Shroyer Road for almost twenty years, and we’ve lost power very few times, even when others in the neighborhood are without power for several hours. During Hurricane Ike’s vicious pass-thru, we were only without power for less than four hours and others throughout the Miami Valley were without power for nine to fourteen days.

I sat at my desk for ten minutes, hoping the power would return. It did not. I was stumped as to what I should or could do. I was thrilled that no power also meant no sweeping and with it nearly pitch black in the house, dusting was also eliminated from my list of hoped-for items to attend to. I checked the AES site, and they confirmed that the power would be returned by 6 PM. The only thing I could think of doing was take a nap. And I did. I turned on my lamp beside the bed to hopefully stir me when the power returned. It did not. By 6:30 PM, I had determined I was not going to head next door to attend the Lakota West High School’s forty-minute preview concert for their upcoming presentation at OMEA conference. I spent the next ninety minutes writing before the Zoom writing seminar, featuring local author, Katrina Kittle, began. Ms. Kittle lives south of town and they were still experiencing the foul weather at 8 PM. The power was secure for the next ninety minutes.

Katrina Kittle is not only a solid teacher, but an incredible motivator. The lack of power did not motivate me to clean the house, but Katrina motivated me to write.

Since I am working on a project in which the story begins in 1904, I am conducting a good deal of historical research. One thing that’s been a blessing is having social media groups to assist me with my research on various topics and I am so grateful to the members of these groups who willingly and excitedly share their passion. Three check in with me each week or so to see if they can assist me with anything from The Palmer House in Chicago to items regarding the 1904 World’s Fair in St. Louis, Missouri. Tonight, I explored the internet about Barney & Smith passenger cars, designed and constructed in Dayton, Ohio, and Pullman passenger cars. When I could not find results about how and when the two companies were used with different railways, I took to my social media groups. No one has answered my query, but these folks will come through by tomorrow morning.

It’s 10:50 PM and I am pumped up with Trader Joe’s black tea, an old-fashioned wild blueberry pie from Kroger’s bakery, and Katrina Kittle’s inspiration.

PHOTOS: Barney & Smith passenger cars. You can tour a Barney & Smith passenger car at Carillon Historical Park.

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