MAKE IT A GREAT DAY: Sunday, January 8th

It’s finally Sunday morning after feeling like a Sunday for several days. Teaching breaks always throw me for a loop when it comes to knowing which day it is. At 3 PM, teaching will resume.

I could not get my energy moving earlier this morning. When my weather app sounded the day’s forecast at 7 AM, the four dogs immediately jumped to their “I’m ready to eat” pose but it was another twenty minutes before I could rouse myself. After feeding and pottying the dogs, I laid back down to read and woke at 10:45 AM. I slept wonderfully through the night with only one nature break. I do not feel exhausted, but I am listening to my body as it reminds me, I need to pay attention to its needs.

I have a resident stinkbug that keeps me company in my study. He usually perches himself on top of one of my three monitors as I work. Stinky never lands on me or bothers me in any way but I find it amusing that, aside from the four pooches, I have a possum and a stinkbug. Oh, well…

I am going to figure out what I am eating for lunch and then relax until about 2:30 PM. But it is nice to relax and knowing the main floor is purged, cleaned, and organized. I love that feeling!

Make it a great day!

PHOTOS: 1. Stinky the stink bug; 2. Bailey showing off her heart as she naps; 3. Chief and Bailey; 4. 2018: Clyde and Neko: since Clyde was always playing the piano, he must have been giving Neko a lesson.

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Darin is a single adoptive father, a teacher, playwright, and musical theatre director from Kettering, Ohio.
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