The Quartet did not want to go outside for their Noon potty break due to the rain. Generally, Chief will still go out, but the three females refuse unless I order them. Chief remained on his bed with no intention of moving outside. Finally, at 2 PM, I ordered them to go potty.

The rain appears to be hanging around and what a shame it has to join us on this 51-degree day. Tomorrow and Saturday it shall dip to the mid-30s before heading back through the 40s to the upper 50s by Wednesday and Thursday. However, rain is expected those several days.

Last evening, I returned to a project I had begun nearly one year ago. When I began working at The Park, I laid that project aside as I became interested in the story of The Barn Gang. The project originally focused on my great-grandmother, Mary Belle Jones Clary, as a young girl growing up in Boone Township of Madison County, Indiana. Our family farms of the Clary, Jones, Vinson, Ball, Greenlee, and Noble families were huddled around Forrestville Cemetery. The hamlet of Forrestville dissolved into the woods before the 1860s but the farms continued to prosper.

One day, as I sat at my desk, my hands seemed to be guided to tell a different story that focused not on Grandma Belle as a young girl, but on her mother, Anna Greenlee Jones. I set a framed photograph of Grandma Jones at my desk. Since last summer, I would glance over to the photograph, somewhat guiltily but with the mind I would return to her story. Four chapters are completed and last night, I compiled them into one file and used Microsoft Word’s immersive reader to listen to the 75 pages. By 3:30 AM, I was closing shop in my study so I could sleep. I rose before 7 AM to get the day going and to rejoin the folks of Boone Township. I am fortunate to have photos of all the characters and it is cool to see them come to life on the page and in my mind.

The afternoon schedule has been adjusted so the dogs can be fed at 3:30 PM. I need to get ready by 4:45 PM to head to dinner with Laura before attending Muse Machine’s production, THE LITTLE MERMAID. I have not seen the stage version and I am so excited to see it.

In the meantime, make it a great day!

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Darin is a single adoptive father, a teacher, playwright, and musical theatre director from Kettering, Ohio.
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