MAKE IT A GREAT DAY: Tuesday, but no Taco Tuesday

The sunshine that graced us for several days has flown leaving us with the dullest of grayness spread above. The temperature is currently 27 degrees and is only expected to climb four more notches where it will remain throughout tomorrow. Friday, a high of 55 degrees will be here but we are forecast with rain all day which will put a huge damper on the final day of “A Carillon Christmas” and barring “The Midnight Express” train which will not operate with rain.

I began feeling run-down last night and took an Airborne chewy when I got home. I just need to hold on for a few more days with maintained energy. I am at The Park today and all evening. At 2:30 PM, I shall take a break and travel to St. Mary’s Church to see the nativity with Mama Kay. We had tried to do so several years back, but the church was not open.

My eldest nephew, Jon, son of my younger sister, Dena, is twenty-five years old, today. Jon was named after his maternal great-great grandfather, John William Garrett Clary who died a few months before Jon’s birth. These past twenty+ years, Jon has been a tremendous bridge in helping us understand autism and how to better communicate. Our family eagerly jumped in to connect our worlds and to join Jon’s remarkable journey.

I found this “memory post” on Facebook 9 years ago after The Sisters, Bailey and Harrigan, had been with us for two days.

December 27, 2013

Harrigan & Bailey… Here are a few rules…

Yes, I know you leak, chew & are all about ‘the play’ right now. I get that.


1) Bailey – please take your barking down 3 octaves; I did not name you Bieber

2) Harrigan – Do not – and I repeat – DO NOT bite me on the butt, again – ever!

3) Bailey – if Harrigan can make it up the stairs, you can too; stop standing down there crying for me to come get you, because you know I will

4) If Chief growls at you to leave him alone, do it

5) Thank you for letting me sleep from 11:00 PM – 7:00 AM; I really needed the sleep; however, attacking one another on top of me is not a good way to wake me

We’re gonna have a great day. Time to learn our first commands in German! Sehr gut!

Make it a great day!

PHOTO: My nephew, Jonathan “Jon” William Garrett Surber

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