Yesterday was Bailey and Harrigan’s GOTCHA Day, celebrating nine years of being with The Haasienda. I retrieved them from Tylersville Road around 10 PM, Christmas Night, 2013, four days following Navi’s tragic death. Chief and I needed these little gals.

Christmas Day was spent at Laura’s with Mama Kay, Jozi, John Moore (Janice was not feeling up to it), Kelley, and his girlfriend. We had a delicious dinner, snacks, desserts, and lots of chat time. I returned home to Zoom with Joshua for a short while. I had Zoomed at 7 AM with Joshua, David, and Dave’s parents, Anne and Phil with several of Dave’s siblings popping their faces into the camera’s range to say, “Merry Christmas.”

I am beginning my first of five last days for “A Carillon Christmas.” My body is cooperating as much as it can but my sinuses are revolting. With three days away from The Park, I could not collect enough sleep.

I am terribly behind in answering my personal emails but I got all of Sunday’s 28 text messages answered last night and this morning.

It’s time to get ready for The Park.

Make it a great day!

PHOTOS: The Sisters after their arrival.

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