MY DAY: Christmas Eve outing

My rash of cabin fever is genetic. I’m convinced of it. Both Mother and her father, Grandpa Leroy, braved weather conditions to go on adventures. Mother’s last few years alive, she was less adventurous and a bit anxious, whereas Grandpa Leroy was in the go until death overtook him.

I boarded northbound No. 17 nat 11:40 AM and was amazed that I rarely saw pavement the entire route that lasted 45 minutes. At first, I figured it was just Kettering but Far Hills Avenue (Main Street & OH 48) were not entirely cleared. North Dixie was actually worse.

The bus driver was bold but cautious, oft taking the lead in the minimal amount of traffic that was present. The final stop, at Walmart, was frightening with the filled parking lot. I

knew my dining haunt would be packed and that I might need to wait for a table. However, to my great surprise, the parking lot was not full, nor was the restaurant. The wait-staff said they’d been prepared for much larger crowds even with the current weather conditions. I doubled my usual tip since I was sure my server would not see much in the way of tips. He and the other staff were tripping over themselves to be accommodating.

I hand-wrote my original entry but unceasing aches in my hands were making my handwriting unattractive and probably needing much effort to read. I did have a slice of red velvet cake, a former family tradition of nearly 100 years.

Walmart’s parking lot was full but the store didn’t seem crammed. I easily found all my items and was checked out with twenty minutes to spare for the next No. 17. I do love having No. 17 that can take me from one end of Dayton to the other and still pick me up and drop me off in front of The Haasienda. My needs are few so this route, even though aggravating with two particular tardy drivers, is both a convenience and a blessing.

It’s 3:05 PM and I am satisfied with today’s accomplishments though few they be. I’m all prepared for tomorrow’s dinner gathering at Laura’s as well as the five remaining days in The Roundhouse Cafe as “A Carillon Christmas” winds down.

PHOTO: The intersection at North Dixie & Needmore with snow covered pavements.

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Darin is a single adoptive father, a teacher, playwright, and musical theatre director from Kettering, Ohio.
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