MY DAY: Tidal-wave of humanity

I believe all of Dayton and the surrounding area came to The Park tonight due to the impending winter storms approaching. It was maddening and I had the most incredible team who braved the never-ending lines as hot chocolate machines stopped cooperating and the struggle to keep up with the demand for popcorn while also stocking the other three locations hit a feverish pitch in the middle of the evening.

Sarah Emmons, The Park’s media specialist, decided at the last minute to take this Friday off and work this evening instead. Had she not joined us in The Roundhouse we would have foundered. She was the only other person over 21 who could man the alcohol additives while I took orders and transactions and maintained the Guest line. Will was a popcorn power machine for five straight hours, and Patrick held his own filling in with additional popcorn support, hot chocolate and coffee stations, candy orders, and grabbing beverages. He also managed to be the hot chocolate machine mechanic with Sarah when they flipped at the worst possible moments.

I’ve been so fortunate to have incredible staff in The Roundhouse Cafe but tonight’s trio, hit with an unbelievable force of never ceasing lines of Guests and equipment malfunctioning, rose to amazing heights of service and dedication, never once losing their incredible positive spirits and humor.

I truly appreciate Sarah, Will, and Patrick! Thank you.

I made it to No. 18 but the bus was quite ill and had to return to the garage. Fortunately, a Project Mobility bus swept through and toted three of us to the terminal. Now, I clocked this driver with my iPhone’s speed app he was determined we three should make our connections to No. 17 north and south. I wish my always-tardy No. 17 drivers had this same determination. The Project Mobility driver even pulled up beside No. 17 South so I wouldn’t have to walk far.

While my body is accelerating in agony from the incoming weather and this past shift, I barely notice the pain because I’m still so grateful for Sarah, Will, and Patrick keeping The Roundhouse Cafe steady and smooth.

Thanks, Santa! And be sure to put something extra in their stockings. They truly deserve it.

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Darin is a single adoptive father, a teacher, playwright, and musical theatre director from Kettering, Ohio.
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