MAKE IT A GREAT DAY: A grumpy start to Friday


I woke up feeling grumpy and after forty minutes I am still in a very grumpy mood. Even in the last dream I recall before waking, I was grumpy in the dream. I know the grumpiness shall dwindle shortly, but I am tired. Now, I am feeling the strain of fatigue on all levels.

I had two phenomenal assistants in The Roundhouse Café last evening, Joyce Ellison, with whom I worked last week, and Miami University student and Oakwood High School graduate, Will Connell. We were busy and both worked terribly hard and made the entire evening so enjoyable. At one point, a long table holding many heavy boxes containing popcorn kits collapsed. I was with Guests at that moment and by the time I reached the back stocking area, Will was already attending to the situation.

There are twelve more shifts of “A Carillon Christmas” and while I am enjoying it, I will be happy to return to my regular life of researching and writing, and spending time with Guests in The Atrium, splashing about in Dayton’s rich history.

Several friends have questioned if I am doing “too much.” Of course, I am. I have always done “too much.” Yes, I must approach my physical life differently, but keeping the late hours at The Park is temporary. Plus, this is, in so many ways, a victory for me to prove to myself the “mind over matter” theory. It’s been refreshing and comforting to know I can still do things beyond my normal physical level. My brain and attitude are boosted.

This morning, my routine is adjusted, and I am losing four hours of much-needed sleep; however, it will be my only festive concert to attend this year. Every Christmas season, Mama Kay, several others, and I head down to The Human Race Theatre Company’s Loft auditorium to attend an hour-long concert by The Carillon Brass. I love this concert and the jovial camaraderie shared by this brilliant quintet. I thought Mary Lowe and Sue Winterstein were to originally join Mama Kay and myself, but sadly, that is not the case for today’s concert. I will miss seeing these two ladies and it is unlikely I shall see them before the new year.

Hopefully, I will have an opportunity to get at least two hours of a nap in after the concert before it is time to leave for The Park. I am dreading tonight as there were four student volunteers from Beavercreek High School who bailed because they “forgot about previous commitments.” Ugh…

It is time to get myself ready for the concert. My sinuses are upended. I am confident my mood shall make a turn for the better but in the meantime, this is what I have with me. So be it.

Make it a great day!

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Darin is a single adoptive father, a teacher, playwright, and musical theatre director from Kettering, Ohio.
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