The steel grey sky finally lost its struggle to the brilliant sun that has been battling for a glimpse of the earth for nearly an hour. Seeing the blue sky is a much-welcome respite from the dullness of the previous weeks.

Train rides were canceled for Wednesday evening at The Park due to rain. The wet weather did not deter Guests from coming out to enjoy “A Carillon Christmas.”  It also did not keep Chuck Johnson from traipsing quite a few steps from the Deeds Barn (replica) to The Roundhouse Café in The Transportation Center. By 6 PM the temperatures are expected to drop from the current 45 degrees to 38 degrees. I think it shall be a perfect December night for train rides and Guests enjoying the festivities and lights.

I’ve been listening to Civil War podcasts by HISTORY THAT DOESN’T SUCK and last night I revisited some documentaries on columnist and television personality, Dorothy Kilgallen. Ms. Kilgallen is quite a remarkable and interesting figure. The one documentary featured author and former Hoosier lawyer, Mark Shaw.

It’s almost time to prep for The Park. I get to work with Joyce Ellison, again, and that’s a boost to looking forward to this evening.


by John B. Taub

I sat with chill December
Beside the evening fire.
“And what do you remember,”
I ventured to inquire,
“Of seasons long forsaken?”
He answered in amaze,
“My age you have mistaken;
I’ve lived but thirty days.”

Make it a great day!

PHOTO: First Flight, 1903 December 17

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