MY DAY: Home from The Park

At 10:10 PM, I stepped off the bus. There is always an accompanying “beep” as the bus lowers for passengers to enter or exit. Within the seventy or so steps to the front porch, I can hear the dogs… well, Erma… barking. I assume she hears the beeping and knows I will enter the front door at any moment. And when I do, it’s quiet until I say, “It’s Daddy!” Then, the full chorus of loud, delighted sound erupts.

There is another No. 17 bus driver who is consistently late by 10 to 12 minutes. The past week has been so nice outside that I’ve stepped off the bus at Stone Mill to cut across to the Mariott Hotel parking lot and on down Patterson Boulevard to The Park. Today, there was no plan to walk the usual path as the cold wind was biting and sharp. However, the damned No. 17 was so late there was no way I would make my connection at any juncture for the second leg of the trip and I had to make it by foot.

But, with these twenty-minute walks, along with the walking at The Park on my shifts, I manage to accumulate over 9,000 steps!

As I was getting started, my favorite person, Chuck Johnson, stopped by to visit me before he headed back to Deeds’ Barn for the afternoon and evening.

The cold probably kept potential Guests from visiting, but those who did visit made the most of it and seemed to be having a wonderful time. Tomorrow night is “Angel Night” at Calvary Cemetery which borders The Park on the south. It makes for an easy two-stop hop for both festivals. I anticipate a rather steady crowd tomorrow evening.

The temperature is to be 38 degrees on Thursday, and then 50 and 54 degrees on Friday and Saturday. I love those numbers because they will keep my numbered steps on the higher end.

It is coming on to 11 PM and I am beginning to feel the energy drag. Time to move over to my bedroom where four wonderful pooches will join me.

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Darin is a single adoptive father, a teacher, playwright, and musical theatre director from Kettering, Ohio.
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