MAKE IT A GREAT DAY: Sunday afternoon

It’s been a lazy day, so far, but at 3 PM the busyness will kick into gear when I begin teaching. My Door Dash from a nearby Chinese restaurant has just arrived, 1hr 13 minutes late. I dearly love this place and the people, but my orders are often incorrect or missing items. Sigh…

It was late arriving home last night and I was still wound up until 12:30 AM. I got to work with Mary Linzmeier, Saturday afternoon and evening, and she is one of my favorite staff members. Since I am normally in The Atrium, she is almost always in The Museum Store, so our paths are briefly crossed.

I finally roused myself out of bed at 10:30 AM. My schedule will be off until December 31st! I’ve completed two loads of laundry, completed some correspondence, loved on the pooches, and secured a curtain to the deck door’s window, all the while listening to the podcast, AMERICAN PRESIDENTS: TOTALUS RANKIUM, featuring Gerald Ford. I have also completed two audiobooks on Calvin Coolidge and Grover Cleveland this past week. Coolidge is really a fascinating individual and I was surprised to find him so.

It is just after 2 PM and I need to prep for teaching.

Make it a great day!

PHOTOS: Saturday night as I was leaving The Park.

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