This dark, rainy fun day may need to be curtailed as I do not want to go outside in the wet weather. I am still feeling triumphant that Operation Leaves is completed and just in time for the rain.

Today is Veteran’s Day and I am grateful to all the Veterans who have served in any capacity for they have afforded me so many opportunities. I am especially thankful to my family members and dear friends who have served over the years.

In 1918, as thousands of soldiers returned from Europe following the November 11th Armistice, our nation was thrown into a resurgence of the Spanish Influenza with which it had been dealing since February 1918. I found this interesting link to the history of that pandemic.

1918 Pandemic Influenza Historic Timeline

It’s now 8:15 PM and I have things I need to do before the morning gets away from me.

Make it a great day!

Family members who served or continue to serve in our US military.

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