MAKE IT A GREAT DAY: Cold & bitter Sunday

Saturday morning was just one of those “damn it all to hell” mornings with my crabbiness. Once I got to The Park for my four hour shift, I was fine and happy to see Guests from the Hudson Valley region of New York, all over Ohio, Indiana, Philadelphia, and Vermont. One couple from near Ann Arbor, Michigan toured The Park because they were always busy with events when their two children were students at The University of Dayton.

I reached home at 2:00 PM and the plumbers, who arrived at Noon, were still working on my new faucet. The old one had corrosion issues making it a monster to remove. By 4:00 PM, they were packed and exiting The Haasienda.

To go along with my “grrrr of a Saturday morning,” I stepped on the bus and realized I’d forgotten my backpack cooler with my two water bottles, Veggie straws, and morning peanut butter crunch snack. I’d eaten breakfast but usually by 11:00 AM, I need some boosting. Fortunately, I already had a water bottle in the freezer at The Park.

When I arrived home, there was a pleasant surprise from Emily Webb! A jar of homemade soup and some iced walnut cake. Since the plumbers were in the kitchen the cake helped me survive until 5:00 PM when I left for dinner.

Laura and I ate at La Piñata and then attended TUCK EVERLASTING at Centerville High School. I will see it again this Friday.

While waiting for the show to begin, two former students, Brad, a student at Miami University and Steven, attending The Ohio State University, texted me a photo of them meeting up at an a cappella festival at The University of Cincinnati. I truly appreciated that photo.

This morning I fed the pooches at 7:00 AM and opted to leave early for breakfast instead of joining the ZoomFest between Boston and London. Breakfast was okay but I finished in time to grab a few items from Walmart before rejoining the bus line for home. No. 17 just passed over the Patterson Street Bridge which crosses Mad River, giving me a brief glimpse of the area I’ve been researching.

I shall easily be home by 10:30 AM. I plan to attend to some household items before teaching begins at 3:30 PM.

Make it a great day!

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Darin is a single adoptive father, a teacher, playwright, and musical theatre director from Kettering, Ohio.
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