MY DAY: Fall is falling

While at The Park this morning, I looked outside the entry into the actual park and saw tons of leaves drifting to the ground from the perch they’ve held since the spring. While it is common to see leaves dropping, there’s sadness as they bid farewell now that winter is on the wing to join us in a little over a month.

Since the leaves are still too heavy with wet from this morning’s rains, I am retreating from this Halloween evening to one of my favorite haunts to write and eat, and spend some time enjoying some alone time. I love Carillon Historical Park, but it does vacuum the energy being Mr. Rouke, a nickname from several Volunteers referring to the television show, FANTASY ISLAND.

And for those wondering why I’m not home to greet Trick-or-Treaters: we never get any. When we first moved to Shroyer Road in 2003, I was all prepared for a festive onslaught of beggars. We had one. The following year I observed that the evening marchers headed east from Rockhill Avenue and turned north or approached from the north and turned west onto Rockhill. Although Mama Kay’s front door is on Shroyer Road, the same as mine, she and her family hosted the event from their driveway which pours out onto Rockhill.

Therefore, I began a tradition of taking The Boys to a movie after they finished Beggar’s Night. We’d return home via way of Bill’s Donuts and feast on a late supper and treats while watching the DVD, LITTLE SHOP OF HORRORS. Yes, it was late and usually on a school night but it was once a year and something to remember. Also, most of my sons had never gotten to experience the Halloween rituals with their biological families or foster families.

As I look out the bus window, I can see more and more outlines of limbs and branches inside the trees. They, too, have their own beauty and not only when they are sporting flowery spring buds or colorful autumn foliage.

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Darin is a single adoptive father, a teacher, playwright, and musical theatre director from Kettering, Ohio.
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