O, FOR HISTORY: A touching acknowledgement

A new book on Mary (Todd) Lincoln is out and it is outstanding.

My dear friend and fellow Hoosier, Donna McCreary, has written MARY LINCOLN DEMYSTIFIED: FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS ABOUT ABRAHAM’S WIFE.

I remember when Donna was tossing around the idea with several of us just a few years ago and we got to be a part of her journey in the writing of, the editing process, and finally, the publishing. Having never published a book, myself, I marveled at Donna’s tenacity as she sailed her book through its many adventures.


My personal copy arrived Thursday, and by Friday night, I had already scoured through 50+ pages.

Another close friend told me to head to the acknowledgements. Wow. It was the first time I’ve ever received such an honor and I am humbly and truly touched.

Thank you, Donna…

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