MY DAY: Tuesday coming to a close

At 7:45 AM, when I completed Zooming with my London-based son, I decided to take advantage of the terrific morning weather with a hike through Woodland Cemetery & Arboretum. Tomorrow is to be rainy and the rest of the week in the 50s, twenty-degrees below today.

The cemetery was a wonderful respite and the colors, though still not in their fullness, kept my camera shutter quite busy. I also collected 6,370 steps.

The weather front began moving in and I lost my energy. I canceled going to taco Tuesday lunch with Mama Kay and the gang and took the opportunity to nap until it was time to teach. The nap was much needed.

Lessons rocked tonight. I had a surprise break and ordered a Grubhub delivery which was to arrive by 7:35 PM; however, it was delayed until 8:25 PM and I was already back into teaching. I am thinking I have come to an end with this service as my past deliveries have been delayed 45+ minutes, and long past the time frame of being able to eat when the food arrived. Naturally, tonight, my order was not mine but someone else’s. I did get a refund.

Oh, well… on with life…

Photographs from my Woodland Cemetery hike:

Woodland Cemetery | October 2022

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