MAKE IT A GREAT DAY: Long Pants Thursday and again, Today…

Yesterday, I wore long pants. I detest wearing long pants and am always more comfortable when I am wearing shorts. At The Park, we are required to wear blue or tan pants or shorts and I have tons of blue and tan shorts. Tons! We have been projected to have an elevated temperature of 67 degrees tomorrow, followed by low to mid-seventies until next Wednesday when it drops to 63 degrees. That is perfect. Normally, if it is above 50 degrees, I will wear shorts. During the pandemic when I remained secluded for two years, I was in heaven since I never needed to go out.

I really didn’t mind the two years of quarantine. By nature, I am very much a loner and it suited me. I had been using Instacart for over a year before the need to quarantine began, and I had ordered most things online to be delivered for many years. I detest shopping and those services have always suited me. I really did enjoy spending time at home, writing, and enjoying the dogs. The one thing I missed was seeing my students and their families. Other than that, every day was like a skip down Main Street USA in Disney World.

Going out in the colder weather while wearing shorts is comfortable for me. The cold weather does not bother me in the least. As I have grown older, it has become more of a constant to see other men wearing shorts. I never understood why it was acceptable for women to wear dresses or skirts during fall and winter but frowned upon for men to wear shorts. As I got past college, I cared less about these matters and did what I pleased. I always have folks, especially women, ask if I am cold or the similar phrase, “You’re freezing me to death.”

I am comfortable. I don’t need others to tell me I need to not wear shorts when it’s cold. It’s my body; my legs.

A week ago, when we had temperatures in the sixties throughout the Miami Valley, I was still wearing shorts and several of the female Volunteers at The Park were worried I was cold. I assured them I was just fine and plenty comfortable but they still worried. So, yesterday, despite it being quite comfortable in the fifties, I wore long pants.

Today, I will wear them again. But, tomorrow, when it hits the sixties, I will be busting out the shorts, again, for at least another week and I will be delighted.

Even while wearing long pants, I will make it a great day!

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Darin is a single adoptive father, a teacher, playwright, and musical theatre director from Kettering, Ohio.
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