MAKE IT A GREAT DAY: Tuesday morning & Spirit Chain week

It feels mild outside this morning, so I feel better about wearing shorts for my shift at The Park. It’s 47 degrees and we have an expected 73 degrees.

I have had two wonderful days of students meeting goals and making some fantastic advancements. After tonight’s round of thirteen lessons, I am done teaching students until next Sunday.

I am trying to decide if I want to go to the Fairmont-Centerville game this Friday night. It’s Spirit Chain week and my student, Sam McClain, is Centerville High School’s class president and has been leading CHS’s Spirit Chain effort this year. Spirit Chain is a huge fundraising event where Centerville and Fairmont compete for the most funds raised. The funds from each school have designated recipients for their monies to be donated. The monetary results each year are astoundingly impressive, as are the organizations that receive the donations. I have been terribly impressed with and proud of Sam’s monumental and professional efforts as he’s led this year’s campaign.

The school buses are almost finished passing through and have poured out the students. It’s time to shower, dress, and prep for my shift at The Park.

Make it a great day!

PHOTO: Centerville HS class president and my student, Sam McLain

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