MAKE IT A GREAT DAY: Saturday morning, The Park & Centerville marching band

Its already a beautiful Saturday morning but not very sunny. I believe that will come later in the day. We are only supposed to get up to 59° but even in the upper 30s, I’m finding it quite comfortable wearing my shorts. I know that in a week or so, wearing shorts will need to stop, especially on the days where I am at The Park. The Volunteer “bonus moms” and “bonus aunts” worry I will catch my death from pneumonia because I’m always wearing shorts.

Friday morning was smooth running, even with my tardy No. 17 bus driver being 9 minutes late. We barely made it to the terminal before my connecting No. 18 arrived. I made that bus but two blocks away from the terminal, No. 18 broke down at the corner of Main & 5th streets. I called a Lyft driver, who was in no hurry, whatsoever, and made it to The Park at 9:07 AM, seven minutes after my shift began but twenty-three minutes before our Guests began arriving for the day. I managed to maintain a cheerful disposition.

Yesterday’s adventures at The Park could not have been more extraordinary with some of the phenomenal gas that visited us. we had three sets of visitors from Utah, alone as well as from the states of Idaho, New York, Virginia, Oregon, Texas, Colorado, Alaska, and Florida. One gentleman from Pennsylvania had heard about us from some friends who had visited. He decided to wait until his cousin from Athens Greece came over to the states for her vacation before he visited us.

Another highlight was having an Air Force ROTC high school class visit us from Tampa Florida. It is a part of the curriculum, every four years, to come visit Dayton Ohio’s The Museum of the United States Air Force, The Aviation Trail, and Carillon Historical Park. These young adults were outstanding in their behavior, personalities, and death outstanding maturity. I praised these young folks to their two leaders who were grateful and proud. I also added an additional to the curriculum for their Dayton visit, yesterday, and for the future; a visit to Woodland Cemetery to visit the Wright Brothers graves.

I am at The Park all day and will hurry home to join friends for dinner and then on to watch my student, Sarah, with the Centerville High School marching band for a preview performance.

My original post for today fouled up and I’m just now completing this as I near downtown. It’s so refreshing to have a different driver that is on time and not driving my anxiety to a high level due to connecting to No. 18 on time.

And, here we go! Make it a great day!

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Darin is a single adoptive father, a teacher, playwright, and musical theatre director from Kettering, Ohio.
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