MAKE IT A GREAT DAY: Saturday morning

I have continually mentioned, over this past week, that it is either cold or chilly, and I need to give up that description as the chillier weather is here to stay until Spring returns.

Friday was a remarkable day of meeting Guests from all over the country who came to visit The Park. We had a sizable number from St. Louis, Missouri, as well as California, Florida, Minnesota, Indiana, Michigan, Mount Clare (New Jersey), Norfolk (Virginia), West Virginia, Washington, and Texas.

One gentleman from Seatle, Washington, recently took a new job here in Dayton and was excited to explore his great-grandfather’s roots. His great-grandfather grew up in Dayton and was one of the original employees of DELCO (Dayton Electronics Laboratory Company) and he knew Charles Kettering and Edward Deeds, often assisting each DELCO founder with projects or repairs at their respective homes. The Guest was almost in tears as I walked him through The Heritage Center where the original Deeds Barn stands as a crown jewel to so many automobile advancements sparked by The Barn Gang.

That was such a neat moment to observe and be a part of.

It is a bit after 8:00 AM and I am off to breakfast where I can spread out some of my work and simply graze and write.

Make it a great day!

ADDENDUM: after completing this blog entry, I hopped on the bus only to realize, several blocks into the journey, that I’d left my wallet at home. I was so outraged with myself as I walked home, knowing this is the last type of breakfast and work morning I shall have like this until November. I may attempt a second stab with the 9:00 AM bus but I’ve already lost an entire hour.

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