The last day of September… my! It seemed as though the month was just getting under way. Yet, here we are, ready to dive into a fun-filled month of marching band, fall sports, Christmas displays sprouting up in stores, and Halloween.

Normally, Fun Day Fridays are spent exploring something with my camera but, today I will be at The Park exploring fun. Tomorrow, Saturday, will be my last complete day free without teaching or being at The Park for the next twenty-six days. I will either be teaching, hanging at The Park, or doing both on the same day. But I do love what I do because I get to share my passions of music, theatre, and history with others.

I have no solid plans for my Saturday, but it will be on the cooler side and there’s a 64% chance of precipitation; this puts a pal on the day as I am concerned how my legs will react to the conditions.

Thursday evening, I picked up my No. 11 bus next to The (former) Heritage House on Schantz Avenue which winds around Kettering Hospital’s campus on Southern Blvd before turning east onto Stroop Road to Town & Country where I pick up No. 17 to home. Yesterday, I saw there was a twenty-minute hold up with No. 17 so I dove into Chick-fil-A to grab supper. No. 17 was not to come and the next bus would be arriving at 7:04 PM. Argh… I grabbed a Lyft ride home as I didn’t want to keep the dogs waiting for potty and food any longer, and I had no eagerness to wait any longer. My eight-hour days at The Park are a total of ten hours involved with busing for an hour, coming and going, and my four hour shifts total six hours. I arrived home to be greeted by four of the most wonderful dogs, took care of all our needs, worked on research for an hour and was in my bed by 8:00 PM with severe leg discomfort.

Now, it’s time to repeat the previous day by getting ready, packing lunch, and grabbing No. 17 to downtown at 8:10 AM.

So, with that, make it a great day!

About Wright Flyer Guy

Darin is a single adoptive father, a teacher, playwright, and musical theatre director from Kettering, Ohio.
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