MY DAY: Tuesday tonight

It was a slow day during The Park’s first four hours. We had some invigorating Guests from California, Upstate New York, and Wisconsin, and two different sets of Guests from Minnesota, and Alabama. I really enjoyed getting to meet some of the visitors to Dayton.

Around Noon I began feeling discomfort in the kidney region. I rescheduled lessons because the discomfort was growing worse. It occurred to me that I had probably taken too much guaifenesin for my sinus drainage and I had not been diligent in drinking pure water. By 7:00 PM, I was feeling much better after down several liters of water and resting.

The flowers in the front yard are watered, my lunches for the next three days are prepped, and I am considering an earlier turn-in, tonight. In fact, I am not considering it, it’s been decided I shall turn in by 10:00 PM.

This Sunday I shall enter my 59th year by celebrating my 58th birthday. I know many consider fifty-eight to be in the late 50s but I consider it to be in my mid-50s. My 59th birthday will be in my late 50s!

I am currently researching the 1913 Dayton Flood. I have known about many of the details for years but continue to find it all so compelling. While Dayton was the key area for disaster, there were many areas hit hard throughout several states, including my area of central Indiana.

History sets my soul on fire.

PHOTOS: Flowers at Carillon Historical Park; Erma and Chief

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