Years ago, when I was starting preschool, I came home and said something about “Toosday.” My father, Danny Jolliff, said I should pronounce it with a “y” after the “T” – “Tyoosday.” He also instructed me to say “nyooz” for “news, and “dyoo” for “dew.” I was cautioned to go ahead and say, “doo” when I tried to say “Mountain Dyoo.”

I have only noticed a few in these many years who add that “y” sound to the start of the “oo” words. It’s easier, I think if one connects it to the way we say “few.”

Monday morning at The Park, a Volunteer asked when I was working next. I replied, “Tyoosday.”

“Oh! I love how you pronounced, Toosday. Now, say that again so I can repeat it.”

It was a simple exchange, but she loved it and I am certain she is practicing it.

Today I am at The Park for four hours and then home to teach from 4:00-11:00 PM. The rest of the week suddenly filled up unexpectedly but with some fun, interesting items.

Yesterday was a roller coaster of lethargy and elation, some of which I attribute to the end of the full moon cycle. The alternating skies of bright to dull gray didn’t ease my flip-flopping moods. Today is expected to be mostly cloudy and not rise above the current 54 degrees. Fall weather seems to have punched in on its seasonal time clock a bit early but it will be up to the 80s later this week.

It’s time to get my self ready for The Park.

Make it a great day!

PHOTO: The Sisters, Harrigan and Bailey

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Darin is a single adoptive father, a teacher, playwright, and musical theatre director from Kettering, Ohio.
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