MAKE IT A GREAT DAY: Sunday on the deck with a recap

I am finally returned to my sanctuary on the deck to think, research, write, and enjoy the love of The Quartet. The surprise attack by seasonal allergies and a whammy of a sinus infection waylaid contributed to my daily blog and attending to other things I prefer to do.


Began feeling unwell during my shift at The Park. Naturally, that was the return trip home where bus No. 14 did not make its appearance and I waited over an hour later to be returned home. That has been an infrequent occurrence. At home, I immediately went to bed with cold/sinus symptoms.


Went to two different clinics before finally being told I have seasonal allergies and a sinus infection. Back home, I napped and later joined Mama Kay and Laura for a Mexican dinner. Returned home and went back to bed.


I spent all day at The Park and had a marvelous time. We had Guests from Nevada, Oregon, Wisconsin, New York, Kansas, and several from California. Many out-of-state Guests were in town for the women’s golf open and it was exciting to hear their accounts of family members involved with the event.

One special Guest from Colorado was at the end of their weeklong stay. Jennifer Schmidt, the mother of two of my Zoom students, was home to be with her parents, Rick and Jane Schwartz of Kettering. I got to see Jennifer and Jane for a few minutes and that made my day.

I honestly cannot recall much about the remainder of Friday but I know I returned to bed and did little in the way of writing and research.


By 8:30 AM, I was on No. 17 to connect with No. 12 so I could grab a few necessary and unnecessary items from Dollar Tree and Big Lots. I caught No. 12 as it circled back which afforded me not waiting an hour and ten minutes for the next bus. I unloaded my items and decided I should treat myself to a nice buffet brunch so I was immediately on the northbound No. 17 ten minutes after returning home. By 1:00 PM I was home with the pooches for continued rest and recovery.

For the second year, Mama Kay, Laura, and I enjoyed an evening of theatre at Shakespeare in South Park. Last year we saw their production, THE IMPORTANCE OF BEING ERNEST. This year’s production was Shakespeare’s TWELFTH NIGHT. I had never seen TWELFTH NIGHT and had no idea what I was in for. It was quite the romp and enjoyable to see.


And, this now brings us to this moment. The 65-degree temperature is comfortable with its gentle breeze passing from the south. Cicadas (I presume) are chirping away and only a few birds of different varieties offer up their morning song. The Shroyer Road traffic is mild and the four pooches are lounging about the deck. It really is the kind of morning I would design if I had the option and ability.

In the late afternoon, the teaching week will resume. I have two new students beginning this week and another new student in the progress of joining. All my breaks are now abandoned and several west coast students agreed to back up their times to allow for the new students. It all works out.

The autumn feels is has happened upon us a bit early. We have got a few days to go before landing in September and I already feel nature has tripped and landed us at the end of September. The sun, at 8:30 AM has barely touched the western end of the backyard and typically, it has filled most of the area by this time. So be it. I am a bit more begrudging about letting go of the summer this year.


The old gal is returned to her previous state of good health and providing me all her love and enthusiasm as before.

And with that, I need to move on to other items. Make it a great day!

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Darin is a single adoptive father, a teacher, playwright, and musical theatre director from Kettering, Ohio.
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