MAKE IT A GREAT DAY: Muggy & Wet to start the week

Yesterday there was a knockout storm that passed over Kettering and Oakwood, leaving thousands without power. We, however, were fine. Many blocks to the north and east had no power for quite some time. I’ve not had time to investigate but there was mention of a tornado in Oakwood. My phone and watch tornado alerts went off at 5:54 PM but I did not hear the emergency siren until at least ten minutes later and only then, faintly recognizable. On test days, the first of each month, there is no problem hearing the siren.

This morning, the skies are leaden and gloom-filled but there is no forecast for rain. Due to the extreme wetness outside, I am forced inside to my study to offer this morning’s post. The day is expected to remain cloudy.

It was a full day of research, mostly on the deck except for the few times when I was chased back inside by teasing droplets. Teaching was fulfilling and the students were on their game Sunday evening. It was so refreshing and invigorating. The only issue with last night’s lessons is that getting to sleep was not as easy, despite teaching until 11:30 PM and having an early shift at The Park.

Erma is about the same. Sometimes she is filled with her familiar energy while other times she is lethargic. She loved the students last night and took her typical spot near each student. This morning she was the first in the kitchen to eat, per usual, but without her zest.

The high school buses are arriving to let out students and it’s almost time for me to begin readying myself to catch the No. 17 bus at 8:10 AM.

Make it a great day!

PHOTO: my student, Sarah, wrapping up her lesson as I was about to begin Zoom lessons with her cousins in Colorado, Hayley and Ryan. Sarah was two years old when her sister, Katie, began taking piano lessons with me. Sunday night, Sarah drove herself for the first time to a lesson!

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