MY DAY: Pregnancy & toddler calculations

This one meme struck me as hilarious only because I struggle with these damned math calculations.

When I was young, a pregnant woman was three months, five months, or seven months along. We never said “first trimester,” or when addressing a toddler’s age, “eighteen months.”

I don’t even know when this all changed, but, I first became acquainted with the term “trimester“ when I was directing a production of THE SOUND OF MUSIC.

The actress playing Maria von Trapp sent me an email stating that she would accept the role but she wanted me to know that she would just be finishing up her first trimester as the show opened in mid-November. Since she was a school music teacher, I responded that I would happily work around her schedule with any school related issues as she moved through the semester.

Both the actress and the show’s producers sent me emails asking “do you know what a trimester is?“

I boldly pronounced that I knew it was a third of a semester but it must be a new term in education as I had not heard it before.

I received a lot of hilarious guff or my modern stupidity.

Yesterday, while manning my post in the park’s atrium, I asked a guest the age of her baby.

“He’s thirty-two months,” she proudly smiled.

I returned the smile and inwardly groaned. When she and her family moved on, I checked the calculation: 32 months = 2.666.

Ah, yes! The “666” meant the child was in his “terrible twos.”

Go figure!

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Darin is a single adoptive father, a teacher, playwright, and musical theatre director from Kettering, Ohio.
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