MY DAY: Saturday drawing to a close

It’s a bit after 9:15 PM and a very productive, fun day is drawing to a close. The western sky is shades of deep grey-blue with pink and orange mixes.

I spent four days at a very busy, Guest-filled park. I thought the Dayton Air Show would rob the park of a portion of Guests, but it didn’t seem to have that draw at all. We were quite busy. I got to work with the most incredible volunteer, Wendy. My gosh, is she ever marvelous with her spiel to the Guests and has the most attractive inviting embrace with our Guests. And, she sounded so sincere. I loved her and hope I can work with her, again.

At home, I ate some leftover soup and then took a nap before allowing myself two more hours of research and planning. I finished doing some research from Mama Kay’s backyard while waiting for her to return from Mass. At about 5:30 PM, we moved on to China Cottage where there were twelve in attendance. I was home by 7:30 PM and opted not to attend any more evening events. It had been a full day, and a fun day.

I’ve been on the deck for nearly two hours working with the research on Charles Kettering and Edward Deeds while listening to the last few hours of the John Quincy Adams biography by James Traub. It’s been a good listen and I’ve become more knowledgeable and impressed with President J. Q. Adams. I have arrived at the point where he is soon to suffer a stroke on the floor of the United States House of Representatives.

I have gotten to the point in the evening where I am ready to simply listen to THE ANDY GRIFFITH SHOW or something else while snuggling with the pooches.

About Wright Flyer Guy

Darin is a single adoptive father, a teacher, playwright, and musical theatre director from Kettering, Ohio.
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