MAKE IT A GREAT DAY: Saturday morning, July 30th

And just like that, July has entered its last two days and summer days are now limited. For me, summer seems to end when I hear the marching band practices resume next door at the high school. While I love having the campus activity resume, especially marching band, I hate to see summer end.

It’s just barely 60 degrees at the moment and the promised high temperature is only 80. This will be great for working from the deck in the afternoon and evening. Yesterday afternoon and evening I got so much accomplished with research and planning that I even managed to squeeze in mowing the backyard, grabbing a bite of lunch at a favorite eatery, and making it to Big Lots for a few items. It was a full Friday.

Today I will spend some time at the park, head home, research a bit more since I am usually invigorated with history, and join Mama Kay and The After Mass Girls for supper. I have got a hankering to head downtown to the Celtic Festival but I am not sure if I want to pack that much into the day. My neighborhood on Rockhill Avenue is holding a neighborhood picnic and will have food trucks available. I am not certain which event to attend.

Today is the anniversary of President Johnson signing Medicaid into law. It was signed in Independence, Missouri so the first recipients, former president Harry Truman and his wife, Bess Truman, could be present. When President Truman left The White House there was no pension for former presidents. The presidents before him relied on their own wealth. Truman had never been financially wealthy so the Trumans had some tight times. When the presidential pension was introduced, there were only two living former presidents, Truman and Herbert Hoover, who was a millionaire. So as not to embarrass his colleague and friend, Hoover accepted his pension rather than bypass the country’s offer. I always thought that to be the kindest gesture.

Well, enough of that history and on to Dayton’s history after showering and dressing.

Make it a great day!

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