O, FOR HISTORY: Remembering Robert Todd Lincoln

Today is the anniversary of Robert Todd Lincoln’s death.

Robert (1843-1926), the eldest son of Abraham and Mary Lincoln, died on July 26, 1926.

In terms of education, career pursuits, and his relationships with family members, Robert set himself apart. Graduating from Harvard University in 1864, he joined the staff of General Ulysses S. Grant near the end of the Civil War. Lincoln was present with Grant at Appomattox Court House when Grant accepted the surrender of Confederate general Robert E. Lee.

Throughout his life, Robert Lincoln was challenged by growing up in the shadow of his venerated father, while also forging his own path in the world. Robert achieved tremendous financial success as a corporate lawyer, eventually becoming president of the Pullman Company in 1897, one of the dominant railway companies of the era. He was likewise a political luminary in the Republican Party. Lincoln served as Secretary of War under Presidents James Garfield and Chester Arthur. Under President Benjamin Harrison, Lincoln was the Minister to the Court of St. James’s (Ambassador to the United Kingdom).

In the twilight of his life, Robert attended the dedication of the Lincoln Memorial on May 30, 1922.

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