MAKE IT A GREAT DAY: Transitions

I have always loved transitions of any kind. There are some transitions in musical scores or even a “borrowed chord” in a song that will inspire me or give me goosebumps.

  • John Williams’ magnificent fanfare in those opening seconds of STAR WARS’ overture before it transitions into the main theme
  • The score to the made-for-television movie, NORTH & SOUTH before it transitions into the movie
  • The score to the made-for-television movie, FRANKLIN & ELEANOR where the haunting main melody appears during the overture and various transitions in the lives of Eleanor and Franklin Roosevelt
  • That V7/vi from Beethoven’s NINTH SYMPHONY or “Ode To Joy” as it transitions back to the original key and toward the end of the song
  • The Alonzo Chappel painting, “The Last Hours of Abraham Lincoln” where Lincoln’s earthly life is in transition, as well as the transition of all the guests who visited him throughout the death watch but compiled into this one moment
  • Watching the previous Elwood marching band drum-major change his graduation cap’s tassel commencing my transition for my years as drum major
  • Watching my mother and each of her parents take their final breaths as they transitioned from this life to the next

I have had many more transitions, both large and small, some that are more significant while others are less noticeable. Sometimes, a transition can be daunting, even scary. That damned fear of the unknown that President Roosevelt highlighted in his first inaugural address! But, how blessed to have transitions of all kinds that reassure, awaken, or continue.

This morning on the deck, I am loving the simple transition of morning into late morning, late morning into afternoon, the full transition into summer, the transition of one month to another, cooler morning temperatures into warmer afternoon temperatures, and the daily transition of my Mary Lincoln daylilies. There are so many little transitions that go unnoticed because we are always focused on the big transitions. It’s the little transitions that allow the larger transitions to take place. They’re the pieces of the puzzle that, when connected, make up the larger picture of the puzzle.

Transitions. Sometimes, we refer to them as “changes” and that always tends to dredge up fears. When I think of life with transitions, it is filled with an energy that suits me, an energy that pushes me.

This morning, a former student’s family is facing a hideous transition as they prepare to lay to rest their twenty-year-old son. Another family friend has welcomed his new daughter, Charlotte, into the world. Such opposite transitions.

Yes, there are those moments in life where a transition is unwelcome, visiting us as a nightmare. But somehow, we manage – we do manage to keep going so that we might explore other transitions. We do manage…

If you’re in a sour mood, transition your focus to something fun or positive so you can make it a great day!

About Wright Flyer Guy

Darin is a single adoptive father, a teacher, playwright, and musical theatre director from Kettering, Ohio.
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