MY DAY: Wednesday winding down

Before I know it, six hours of the park life, a sixty-minute nap, dinner on the deck, and three hours of research, and it is nearing half-past nine o’clock.

The stroll through the park was enjoyable and I got to spend time with Deanna, Deborah, and Mike. Several volunteers with whom I normally work were in different parts of the park. The day was busy with several school groups and lots of out-of-state visitors. I am always amazed and impressed with how many find their way to the park from all parts of the country. Today we had visitors from Alamba, Upstate New York, Pennsylvania, Florida, South Carolina, Wisconsin, Texas, and Michigan.

I wore a different shirt in and out of the park so I’d not soak my park shirt but not once did I perspire while waiting on the buses and connections. The Atrium and buses were nicely air-conditioned and comfortable.

Nap time was warm but not unbearable. I brought a fan to the deck and it has kept it just fine for working. I had soup for supper and it actually seemed to cool me off more than my ice water.

Right now, I am listening to THE JEFFERSONS on Pluto and a bit later will switch over to THE ANDY GRIFFITH SHOW and ALL IN THE FAMILY. I am always impressed with the writing, the topic tackled, the directing, and of course, the performances. Just incredible.

I am trying to decide if I should go on a Thursday adventure since I work this Friday. It’s not supposed to break 90 degrees but will still be warm in the upper 80s.

Until then…

Kings Island, 1971, a year prior to opening.

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Darin is a single adoptive father, a teacher, playwright, and musical theatre director from Kettering, Ohio.
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