MY DAY: Wet Wednesday & meeting Chuck

Earlier today I wrote about CAVU, an acronym used by the United States Air Force meaning, “ceiling and visibility unlimited.”

Today was certainly a CAVU day in several ways. There were several reasons CAVU felt applicable to this day. It was a feeling of accomplishment by completing one portion of a project and being able to attend to other projects that have been placed on the back burner due to this major project.

When I began researching Charles Kettering, Col. Edward Deeds, William “Bill” Chryst, and The Barn Gang, Alex Heckman of Carillon Historical Park said, “You need to meet Charlie or Chuck. He worked directly with Charles Kettering.” I learned Charlie or Chuck had been away from the park for awhile due to Covid and would soon return to volunteering.

At 12:30 PM, a volunteer arrived and we struck up not only a great conversation, but an immediate connection. At 1:00 PM, he moved out to the replica of Deeds Barn and I went to the south portico where I love to sit and eat my lunch to enjoy the view of the bowling green before me with the pioneer section of the park and other wonderful historic structures. And, I love to see the Guests moving from one building to another, or simply enjoying a nice walk. We have many members who come to the park just to walk and enjoy the atmosphere. I like that!

I finished my lunch rather quickly and decided to go for a walk around the carillon tower. I passed through the Museum Store and as I began chatting with one of the associates, I noticed she had a business card with Charles Kettering’s image on it. I learned that it was a business card belonging to Chuck who had worked for Charles Kettering. It finally occured to me that the gentleman with whom I had been chatting was the same Charlie or Chuck Alex wanted me to meet!

I don’t move as quickly as I once did, but let me tell you, Flash Gordon would have choked on my dust as I bee-lined it to the Deeds Barn in the park. I don’t feel I am at liberty to go into details at this time, but within ten minutes, Chuck and I formed a collaboration team. I have been on Cloud Nine ever since.

Again, CAVU!

On top of all this, I got to meet some of the most remarkable Guests from The Miami Valley, Louisiana, quite a few from Florida, Arizona, South Carolina, North Carolina, Georgia, and students from overseas. I love hearing how they found Carillon Park and today, I heard, “This is the most remarkable place. It’s world class!” and “I have been to Henry Ford’s Greenfield Village but this is even more exceptional because this is history from one area of the country and not collected from all over.” With each compliment, I looked over to my work wife, the animatronic Edith Deeds, and winked.

I stepped from the bus in front of my house to the tune of tornado sirens. The dogs were crying but soon relaxed into happiness upon seeing me enter.

Supper is completed and now it is time to tackle some projects. Despite receiving less hours of sleep last night, I am pumped and ready to work on my own items while listening to an audiobook or THE ANDY GRIFFITH SHOW.

What a terrific day… a day of continued CAVU!

PHOTOS: Charles Kettering on the business card and Me with Edith Deeds, my work wife.

About Wright Flyer Guy

Darin is a single adoptive father, a teacher, playwright, and musical theatre director from Kettering, Ohio.
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