MAKE IT A GREAT DAY: A damp Tuesday morning

We can still feel the presence of the rain showers from yesterday afternoon and evening as the world surrounding The Haasienda still feels heavy with moisture. The sky is grey with overcast and a slight breeze bounces the limbs and leaves. The cardinal has been belching out a loud aria, however, due to all the leaves in the trees, I no longer have a clear view of Big Red.

I have never been fond of squirrels. To me, they’re big rats with fluffy tails. When we moved into The Haasienda nineteen years ago, a battle between myself and several squirrels began. Their orneriness was not so cute when the one would sit on the branch above my deck table and drop things into my coffee cup each morning. No matter where I moved my cup, the pesky little furry-tailed rat would move to position himself above my cup.

There are several squirrels who love to torment Bailey and Harrigan. Sometimes, Chief will react to their nearby presence, but it’s mostly my two Elmira Fuddettes who go on the mad chase. This morning, one squirrel is really teasing the hell out of them.

As I work from the deck, this morning, I am listening to David McCullough’s JOHN ADAMS. I so wish this audiobook was narrated by its author as Mr. McCullough’s voice is pleasant and lyrical. Sometimes, I listen to YouTube videos that feature him in an interview. David McCullough is riveting and fascinating.

The Quartet has been enjoying the return of in-person lessons. They’ve gotten to see familiar faces as well as new faces. In the later evenings when I am Zooming lessons with students from the western side of the country, The Quartet seems to drop to the floor in an exhausted state and sleep until I am finished teaching. They rouse themselves for the last potty session of the night and then find their places around the bedroom.

It is 9:35 AM and I feel as though I’ve wasted my morning despite having completed a load of laundry, attended to the dogs, fed myself, swept the deck from yesterday’s storm debris, and taken care of my emails and social media needs.

It’s Taco Tuesday and I will join Mama Kay and her Mass-folks for lunch before returning home to teach. Wednesday, Thursday, and Saturday will find me strolling through the park.

Just as I was wrapping up this blog post, the cardinal appeared high up in the tree.

Make it a great day!

About Wright Flyer Guy

Darin is a single adoptive father, a teacher, playwright, and musical theatre director from Kettering, Ohio.
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