MAKE IT A GREAT DAY: Power on for Wednesday

It’s overcast and the feel of rain is hovering. Today, I have an eight-hour shift, followed by an hour break and a two-hour park meeting. Naturally, rain is forecast for when I am to board the bus and arrive at the park and when I am scheduled to leave the park at 8:00 PM.

I am eager for the day but also semi-dreading the length. Eight hours of regular shift time, the two-hour meeting, a one-hour break between the shift and the meeting, plus the two-hours total of bus time… that totals to a thirteen-hour day. With the evening team meeting, I’m looking forward to meeting folks I’ve not yet met.

And… I hear thunder crackling in the distance. I am hoping that if there are school groups, the rain holds off so they can have a terrific time exploring the park.

Tuesday was a double farewell to seniors who recently graduated. I do pretty well but having the last lesson with a darling young lady, Mia, was tough. She is radiant with joy and her spirit is just captivating and contagious.

I will have Thursday and Friday off before a park shift on Saturday. Sunday is the Dayton Heritage Day Festival which has been a favorite of mine since it began. For at least twelve years, I’ve sat in the same location with the same folks, watching their daughters grow up before my camera lens. This is a fun concert with the Carillon Park Band, formerly the NCR Band, performing at 2:00 PM and then The Dayton Philharmonic Orchestra at 3:00 PM. I love being surrounded by music and history!

My son made it safely back to England and is fighting a severe case of jet lag. I love to travel but jet lag is my worst enemy, as well as the sinus pressure aftermath upon leaving the plane. I am always prepared with sinus flushes and medication.

Thursday or Friday will be a yard work day.

Mama Kay’s roofers were a family or group of Hispanics who were delightful to hear working. I didn’t mind the loud noises just outside my study window, even when teaching. But, you could tell, despite the work, they had the best attitudes and seemed to have a damn good time! I could hear constant laughter, singing, and just a wealth of happiness. I love that attitude.

And, Mama Kay’s new roof looks great!

It is time to get ready for my stroll in the park. My lunch bag is packed and feeling a bit on the heavy side.

I just noticed that my “welcome” flag in the front yard has sunflowers on it. Continued prayers for Ukraine.

Whatever your day holds, be sure to make it a great day!

About Wright Flyer Guy

Darin is a single adoptive father, a teacher, playwright, and musical theatre director from Kettering, Ohio.
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